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Our Environment

We care about details. It is the core that drives the services that we offer to our children. Our space and its ambiance are key pieces. We transform our environment, following education guidelines that allow learning through games, and facilitate the pedagogical activity to children and educators.

How is our space distributed?

Each age group has its own classroom. Every classroom has changing stations. The classroom for the 2-3 years old have toilets so they can incorporate basic hygienic practices.

0 to 1 years old classroom
1 to 2 years old classroom
2 to 3 years old classroom
2 to 3 years old classroom

Onsite kitchen: The space complies with the hygiene food laws/rules. The food is fully prepared in our kitchen.
Dining areas: Every classroom has a dining space separate from the rest of the classroom.
Multipurpose room: This room has many different uses. It is used for motor skill activities, theater workshop and English classes with a native American teacher. Outside facilities. (natural light throughout the school, outside patio with soft ground, a playground area to encourage imagination and a garden for planting vegetable or flowers.)

Office and teachers room where we hold family meetings.

These spaces are accompanied by quality equipment, which complies with the quality and security standards for the youngest children. The classrooms are equipped to comply with the school’s psycho pedagogical objectives. It’s vital that the children feel comfortable and “feel as if the school were an extension of their home."

The didactic materials and games are adapted to each age group to facilitate the development of their abilities and learning capacity. All materials are related to the weekly-programmed activities, even those which are the most innovative in the educational aspect.

Our school’s installations and equipment comply with the norms and current legislation in matters of security, occupational hazards prevention, food hygiene certifications and physical space distribution. Some examples are:

  • Special isolation and correct acclimatization
  • Double glass protections
  • Outlet placement above 1.6 meters
  • Changing stations and restrooms adapted to the different ages
  • Ventilation for air renewal
  • Pavement with AC5 parquet specialized for school centers
  • Separated kitchen perfectly conditioned
  • Toilet facilities suitable for toddlers
  • Toilet facilities suitable for toddlers

E.B.Castells i Cavallers - C/ Josep Morató i Grau, 4 (local), 17004 - Girona - Tel. +34.872.08.11.22 - info@castellsicavallers.cat