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Parents and families have direct access to all of our teachers and educational techniques with management in a variety of ways: through daily consults with the teachers, with the communication journal/agenda that follows the daily progress (where families can note anything they might need), through email, by setting up a visit or the visits with management and the assigned teacher.

Teachers and management build the School’s yearly educational program together. They also introduce new things during the school year that provide more creative quality to the activities.

The Cook

This person, alongside the nutritionist that works with the school, ensures that the children eat a well balanced Mediterranean diet. We advise parents day to day and also give workshops to clear up doubts about diet for young children. The school also makes available to our families the email of the nutritionist/pharmacist that helps us with our homemade lunches.


This person cares of each and every one of the details and corners of our space. Very important areas, since hygiene and cleanliness are essential.